Dwayne Johnson Protects The Bay From Priyanka Chopra In New 'Baywatch' Trailer

You take one look at Dwayne Johnson and he looks like a classic action hero star. And that's true; he's had plenty of success doing just that in the Fast & the Furious movies. But the films where he's really found the widest audience have combined his physicality with his natural gift for humor. As those who have followed him since the days of the WWE, The Rock is one funny dude. Just how funny he'll be in Baywatch remains to be seen, but at least it looks like he's having a lot of fun with Zac Efron and a whole lot of hot babes in red swimsuits.

Also starring Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, lfenesh Hadera, Jon Bass, Hannibal Buress, and Priyanka Chopra as the villainess,  the film takes a 21 Jump Street-style approach to the classic beach series. Not that anybody should have taken the original very seriously, either, but millions upon millilons of people did which is why David Hasselhoff is still popular around the world. And yeah, he'll be making an appearance in this, too, along with Pamela Anderson.  Judging by this footage it may be Chopra who steals the show from everybody.

Directed by Seth Gordon, Baywatch opens May 25th.