'Coming to America 2' Is A Real Thing And Not Fake News Like It Used To Be

Every few months or so someone will post one of those obviously fake "movie posters" on Facebook that says "Coming to America 2, coming soon!", and I have to tell them that no, it isn't true. It's phony. These are the same people who keep posting that another Friday movie is being made and that Martin is coming back for another season. None of it's real. Well, now those folks are going to talk a lot of shit because one of these three things is coming true.

A sequel to Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall's 1988 comedy Coming to America is a real thing, with Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield hired to write the script. They've worked with Murphy before on the 'Nutty Professor' flicks and Boomerang, so they know what he likes. So it's on them to figure out a reason for Zamundan prince Akeem (Murphy) to come back to America. It's been a while, so maybe his first marriage didn't work out? And what's up with Arsenio Hall's Semmi? Maybe it's his turn to find a bride?

The original was set up at Paramount and so is this sequel, which could prove to be a problem. The studio has been getting killed over the last couple of years and have mostly shut down any risky projects. So this one may have as much actual chance of happening as Sexual Chocolate has of selling a million records. [TheTrackingBoard]