Christian Bale Might Play Darth Cheney In Adam McKay's Biopic On The Vice President

It looks like The Big Short team is getting back together on a movie about our Vice President who cashed in while others suffered during that same economic crisis. We learned last year that Adam McKay was working on a film about Vice President Dick Cheney, and now Variety reports Christian Bale, Steve Carell, and Amy Adams, who was not part of The Big Short, are up for roles.

Remember a while back when Bale dropped out of Michael Mann's Enzo Ferrari biopic because he didn't want to pack on pounds like he did for American Hustle? Well, he'd probably have to do the same to play Cheney, the Nebraska-born VP and former Halliburton CEO who pretty much ruled the country from his secret bunker during President George W. Bush's disastrous administration.  One of the most feared and hated politicians in history, he left office with a 13% approval rating, yet other elected officials were scared to cross him. Maybe because he was prone to "accidentally" shooting his friends in the face.

In another brilliant casting move, Carell would play Mr. "Known Unknown" himself, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Maybe, if they re-enact the "known unknown" speech they can have Carell jibberjabber like he did in Bruce Almighty. Adams would play Cheney's wife, Lynne, who found the puppies he would consume the life force from every day. Okay, I read that last part on a left-wing blog somewhere. It might be inaccurate.

The ages don't seem quite right, though, do they? Cheney is more than thirty years older than Bale, and even if we go back to the Bush administration things don't quite work out. But I'm sure McKay, who has done extensive research to craft the screenplay for this, has an idea in mind. There will many hours spent in the make-up room, I imagine.

The plan is for shooting to begin this spring for an awards season run.