By The Power Of Grayskull! 'Masters Of The Universe' Finally Gets A Release Date

Are there still He-Man fans out there? Sony sure hopes so, because after a big screen take on the once-popular toy line has been promised for years, they are finally setting a release date. By the power of Grayskull, this might actually happen!

Sony has set Masters of the Universe for December 18th 2019, which is 32 years after the cheesy Dolph Lundgren-led movie that has become a cult favorite to die-hard fans.  While there have been many writers who have taken a stab at the script and different directors at various stages, the most recent was Terminator Salvation's McG. It's unclear if he is still on board, however.  Whoever the director is he better make Battlecat cool, that's all I'm sayin'.

Sony has also moved up their animated Miles Morales Spider-Man up a week to December 14th 2018 to get away from Aquaman.