Bruce Willis Channels John Wick In Trailer For 'Once Upon A Time In Venice'

Hey, remember Bruce Willis? Feels like a while since we've seen him in anything relevant, right? I mean, Moonrise Kingdom was a few years ago now. So was Looper. And G.I. Joe: Retaliation. And Red. Pickin' up what I'm layin' down? Basically he's been stuck in straight-to-DVD Hell lately, but maybe that's about to turn around. With a movie you've probably never heard of. But hey, it's got a lot of stars in it.

Here's the trailer for Once Upon a Time in Venice, an action-comedy flick from Robb and Mark Cullen. Who the heck are they? Well, they wrote Cop Out, which Kevin Smith still hates Willis over. Not a good sign, right? Well, it actually doesn't look bad. Willis plays a private detective in Los Angeles who is forced to work for a gang leader just to get his precious dog back.  John Wick Willis? The cast is surprisingly good, too, with Jason Momoa, John Goodman, Thomas Middleditch, Famke Janssen, Adam Goldberg, Elisabeth Rohm, Stephanie Sigman, Kal Penn, and Victor Ortiz co-starring, Damn, son.

I'm diggin' the look of this one. It might turn out to be better than that Death Wish remake Willis has coming up with Eli Roth.  Once Upon a Time in Venice opens June 16th.