Box Office: 'The Boss Baby' Stays In Charge Over 'Smurfs' And 'Going In Style'

1. The Boss Baby- $26.3M/$89.3M
Dreamworks' The Boss Baby continued to show who is boss, falling only $48% and earning $26M. That's even with Smurfs: The Lost Village around to poach some of its audience, so I expect it will be sticking around for a while.
2. Beauty and the Beast- $25M/$432.3M
With $432M domestic and $545M overseas Disney's Beauty and the Beast is waltzing towards $1B.
3. Smurfs: The Lost Village (review)- $14M
I expected more from Sony's CGI-animated Smurfs: The Lost Village, which opened with a disappointing $14M. It's the best of their three Smurfs movies so far, but clearly interest was lost without the live-action component. Who knows what route Sony decides to go in next time. Perhaps back to a hybrid style since that seemed to work before? Or do they take a break and try again in a few years?
4. Going in Style (review)- $12.5M
It's hard to deny the combination of Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin, which is why the comedy remake Going in Style opened to a solid $12.5M. The $25M-budgeted film, about three senior citizens who decide to rob the bank that's been screwing them over (think Hell or High Water geriatric style) was directed by Zach Braff. Yes, THAT Zach Braff, making this the biggest opening by far of his directorial career. Whether it manages to top the $35M worldwide of Garden State is another question, but it has a chance. There aren't many films skewing towards the older demographic, and they don't necessarily flock to opening weekends. So we could see this stick around for a spell, and I hope it does. I enjoyed it far more than our reviewer did. It's a feel-good movie pretty much anybody can enjoy.
5. Ghost in the Shell- $7.3M/$31.5M
Yeah, so this was a disaster. We've already seen stories about the amount of money Paramount and Dreamworks stand to lose on Ghost in the Shell, with some numbers going over $100M, and now the second weekend pretty much makes it a certainty. Falling a massive 61% domestically, the Scarlett Johansson-led film earned $7.3M for only $31M in two weeks. Ouch. It's doing better internationally with $92M but that's not going to cut it.
6. Power Rangers- $6.2M/$75.1M
7. Kong: Skull Island- $5.8M/$156.5M
8. Logan- $4.05M/$218M
9. Get Out- $4.02/$162.8M
10. The Case for Christ- $3.9M

A couple of high profile platform releases worth noting. Gifted (review), which boasts the talents of The Amazing Spider-Man's Marc Webb behind the camera, Captain America himself Chris Evans, and Hidden Figures' Octavia Spencer, earned $476K in 56 locations.  That's a solid start for the kind of simple, family drama that Hollywood doesn't make much of anymore. Evans plays a man raising his 7-year-old niece (the uber-talented McKenna Grace) who happens to be a genius. It's worth checking out when it expands into more locations.

And finally, the oddball monster film Colossal (review), starring Anne Hathaway as a troubled woman with a connection a rampaging kaiju in South Korea. The film opened in only 4 locations and pulled in a mighty $125K, which I hope bodes well for the future. I loved this one at Sundance, but was disheartened by the ad campaign which paints it as a comedy. There are funny parts to it, but there's a lot more going on than is being sold. Be sure to check this one out, too.