Arthur Benzaquen's Retelling of Aladdin Looks Like Pure Comedy Gold

Have you ever come across a movie you never knew you had a desire to see until the trailer for said film fell in your lap? Well, for me, that just happened. The French film, The New Adventures of Aladdin from director Arthur Benzaquen is his hilarious take on this classic tale.

You know the story, Aladdin, a Genie, a princess and a bad guy. Set it in the Middle East (in this case, Baghdad to be specific). Sprinkle in some wishes and 'poof', there it is. But this? This here is a little different. From what I've seen in the trailer, this is pure gold. Think the comedy stylings of a Stephen Chow film mixed with a little Bollywood flair. Odd combo, I know. But believe me, in this case it works. Starring Kev Adams as Aladdin, Jean-Paul Rouve as our villain Vizir and Vanessa Guide as princess Shallia this comedic retelling should keep us occupied while we wait for Guy Ritchie to finally get around to filming Disney's live action remake.

The New Adventures of Aladdin will be available on VOD nationwide May 16th in both dubbed English and French language versions. Look for it on all major platforms like ITunes, Google Play, Amazon etc. as well as most major cable and fiber providers.