Alison Brie Is A Gorgeous Lady Of Wrestling In New 'GLOW' Images

I don't watch a ton of TV that doesn't have WWE superstars dropping one another on their heads, so you can bet GLOW is high on my list of must-sees. Why? The show is based on the cult favorite all-female wrestling promotion from the 1980s, something I loved watching as a kid. Along with stars Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, and Marc Maron, a number of actual in-ring superstars are part of the cast. And now Netflix has given us a new look at Brie and the other Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in some new photos and a teaser.

The images show Brie getting a wrestling baptism by fire, so to speak, as struggling L.A. actress Ruth Wilder, who joins GLOW to keep her career alive. You can see Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong in the shot with Maron, looking meaner than ever.

GLOW hits Netflix on June 23rd.