Alison Brie And Awesome Kong Feel The 'GLOW' In New Teaser And Character Posters

It's completely possible that the folks at Netflix uses some kind of special technology, or found a mutant with telepathy, and plucked into my brain to create a show specifically for me to love. GLOW appears to be that show, as it's based on the ridiculous but lovable Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling from the 1980s, which laid the groundwork for the sports entertainment biz as it is today. Plus it stars Alison Brie in a role that finds her getting away from the goodie-goodie characters she's played in the past, and apparently taking on the role of a heel. As she puts it in her interview with Yahoo!, "villains have all the fun."

She's so right.

The latest teaser is short but it'll make you want Quiet Riot's "Cum On Feel The Noize" as your entrance theme. It's the first time we've seen Brie's character Ruthso clearly depicted as a heel, not that sticking up a middle finger is enough to qualify one as a villain. Stone Cold Steve Austin flipped everybody the bird and he's one of the most beloved WWE superstars ever.

When the first trailer dropped the one thing I really wanted to see was Kia Stevens aka Awesome Kong, the one actual professional wrestler part of the regular cast. And now she has her own character poster. Boom! It's...uh, definitely a more glamorous look than we're used to from Kong. Plus there are colorful images featuring Ellen Wong, Britney Young, Sydelle Noel, and Brie giving us the finger again. How rude.

GLOW hits Netflix on June 23rd. Look, I don't care about the two thousand other shows Netflix will drop on us between now and summer, this is the only one that matters to me. You can keep The Defenders.