Adam Sandler Recruits Chris Rock For Netflix Comedy, 'The Week Of'

Like him or not, Adam Sandler's movies are among Netflix's most watched, according to them anyway, so it's no wonder they re-upped their exclusive deal for more comedies. With the bad taste of Sandler's latest, Sandy Wexler, still in our mouths we now know what the next one will be. And like Sandy Wexler it will find Sandler sharing some screen time with his pal, Chris Rock.

Sandler and Rock, who starred in a pair of Grown Ups movies together, will star in The Week Of. Sandler co-wrote the script with director Robert Smigel (aka Triumph the Insult Comic Dog), and the story details a hectic week leading up to the marriage between Sandler's daughter and Rock's son.

Oh boy. Lots of potential for another dud, but maybe the presence of Rock will change up what has been a tired formula for Sandler's Netflix movies.