Zazie Beets Of 'Atlanta' Lands Domino Role In 'Deadpool 2'

For months the two most sought after roles going around Hollywood were for Cable and Domino, who are expected to be part of Deadpool 2, then an X-Force movie. A lot of names have been kicked around for both, but for Domino we heard Mackenzie Davis, Ruby Rose, and Kelly Rohrbach among others, but now the role has been filled and it went to...someone nobody expected.

Ryan Reynolds himself revealed the news that Zazie Beetz, known for playing Van opposite Donald Glover on FX's Atlanta, has won the Domino role. Considering the franchise potential of Deadpool and X-Force, Beetz is about to see her notoriety skyrocket. Hope she likes wearing lots of makeup and carrying really big guns. Domino also has the mutant ability of enhanced luck probability, meaning stuff always goes in her favor. She has good luck, basically.

Now that's outta the way, so don't be surprised if we hear about Cable soon.