Zack Snyder Shows Off The 'Justice League' Batmobile's Big Guns

I've never understood why people make a big deal of Ben Affleck's gun-wielding, "kill 'em all" version of Batman. This isn't the same hero we're used to seeing month in and month out in the comics; he's one who has been beaten down by years of fighting the same battle against the same murderous freaks. The biggest symbol of fan outrage has been his Batmobile, which was armed like a damn tank. Well, they aren't going to like Batman's ride in Justice League, either, because it's sporting some serious upgrades.

Just days after he teased Aquaman test footage, Zack Snyder is back again showing off the new Batmobile. It doesn't get a total redesign, thankfully, but it's definitely packing more heat than before. “Upgrades… what are you worried about Wayne,” Snyder joked in the caption.

See, Batman's Batmobile has almost always had guns. Lethal guns. Batman may not usually carry a gun (anymore), but that policy doesn't apply to his favorite mode of transport.  I'd say this Batmobile matches its owner's personality quite well.

As for the actual design, I'd say it's a little too busy. The Batmobile works best the sleeker it gets, but Christopher Nolan and Snyder seem to dig it as a mobile fortress.

Justice League opens November 10th, and you can bet there will be more Batmobile shots. Lots of toys to sell, y'know.