Zack Snyder Drops Some Test Footage of Aquaman

The big variable for Justice League and the DCCU in general has always been Aquaman. He, especially in recent years, has become the laughing stock of the group with no real use outside of the water. The casting of Jason Mamoa and the looks we've had so far have already started to turn those tables, we're definitely not getting a blonde guy in orange and green tights who's going to ride dolphins to shore. It's not so surprising that they were able to adapt him, I mean for God's sake the MCU has made Rocket Raccoon a star, anything's possible. Mamoa undoubtedly has that special something, that undefinable presence so it's safe to say they picked the right guy for the job. The one thing we haven't been treated to yet, except for that quick clip from BvS, is Aquaman in his natural habitat. Zack Snyder has rectified that. From Snyder's twitter we get some test footage showing Arthur Curry swimming toward an unknown (possibly Ocean Master) person on a throne. It's not really a ton to see but, for me, it's so damn promising. The underwater environment, even in this incomplete test footage, looks so alive and the way they've got him moving in that incredibly graceful way is just perfect. It's really hard to see clearly but he appears to have gills on his ribcage too, so they're not missing the details. Check it out below and look for Justice League on November 17th, 2017!