Young Morpheus Could Be Focus Of New "Matrix' Film

The biggest news this week has been over a reboot, which shouldn't be a surprise. But that it's a reboot of The Matrix, well, that's causing quite a bit of conversation and an unfortunate revival of "blue pill/red pill" memes. Anyway, writer Zak Penn hit Twitter to say that it may not actually be a reboot but a story set within the Matrix universe, and now a new rumor backs up that assertion.

BMD says inside sources have Warner Bros. favoring a young Morpheus movie, with the previously-rumored Michael B. Jordan starring in the role made famous by Laurence Fishburne. That might not be a bad idea because there are a ton of stories that can be told about Morpheus, from his first meeting with The Oracle, who prophesied that he'd meet Neo; from his early adventures aboard the Nebuchadnezzar and battles against the Agents; to his relationship with former lover, Niobe. And who doesn't want to see Morpheus' early training within the Matrix when he was as confused and disbelieving as Neo was?

I think it's a solid idea, but what do you think? Of course, anything can happen at this point but they could do worse than having Jordan lead a movie on Morpheus.