Trailer For Armenian Genocide Drama 'The Promise' With Oscar Isaac & Christian Bale

The Oscars were just a few days ago, and this is traditionally not the time when you'd find a lot of prestige historical dramas. However there are a few that pop up to distinguish themselves from all the action flicks and horror movies, and one that boasts superior star power is Terry George's The Promise, which features Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac in a story set during the Ottoman Empire.

Isaac stars as a medical student in contention for the heart of a fellow Armenian woman (Charlotte Le Bon) with her American journalist boyfriend, played by Bail. Their lives become increasingly endangered as the Empire falls and the Turks begin genocide of the Armenian people. The film debuted at TIFF a year ago and the buzz has not been good, which may explain its odd placement on the release calendar.

The Promise opens April 21st