This Week In DC TV: We Gotta Save The Real Rip Hunter (Or Kill Him)

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Last week in the Arrowverse:

On Supergirl, we saw the return of Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain made his return) who has been a prisoner of the evil anti-alien organization Cadmus.  But could he be trusted?  Mon-El was the only one who was hip to the idea that he just might have turned towards the dark side after countless years with the enemy.  Of course, everyone was blinded because they were happy he was back.  After his betrayal, he stole the alien registry, which can’t be a good thing!

On The Flash, Grodd and his Gorilla army returned to Earth -1 for an invasion.  Barry was faced with the terrible decision when facing him if he was to take a life.  Grodd returning to Earth-1 with the gorilla army also would bring the “Iris Death” prophecy further closer to happening.  Cisco manages to break Gypsy out of Grodd’s mind-control and she even breaks her icy demeanor and helps recruit Solovar to face Grodd to help defeat Grodd and prevent the army from attacking Central City.  However, Wally is starting to see visions of Savitar/

Legends of Tomorrow had the week off… we need to see our favorite time traveling heroes as it’s been a while.  Lucky for us, they return this week!

Last week on Arrow, we finally learn the identity of Prometheus.  Turns out Oliver's right-hand man, District Attorney Adrian.  This is a big shock for hard-core fans as in the comics, he’s Vigilante.  Good job Arrow producers for deterring from cannon, but not too much.  Oliver Queen also faced an impeachment trial for his actions in covering up one of Prometheus’ murders wrongly pinned on the Green Arrow.  To put it to rest, he instead blamed it on his vigilante alter ego and once again the Green Arrow is a bad-guy public perception-wise.  The episode ended with Adrian cornering Oliver’s girlfriend Susan, promising a showdown between the two of them.  Unfortunately, there was no new episode of Arrow, so we’ll have to wait at week.

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

Supergirl: “Exodus”

Aliens everywhere are being rounded up by Cadmus operatives.  This gives us a very weird “stranger than fiction” experience as we are seeing “others” being rounded up in our current real world headlines.  Many of the Arrowverse shows have done a good job dealing with social issues.  Every single show has a prominent LGBT character.  Wally’s mother dealt with drug addiction.  Arrow recently tried to tackle gun violence.  The shows manage to tackle stuff going on in the real world without being overly preachy.  Tonight’s episode was no different as we are now in Trump’s America, and Cadmus is a manifestation of the current xenophobic climate many have in our country.

Thanks to Jeremiah stealing the alien registry, we see various groups of aliens, who have been living as law abiding citizens being rounded up by Cadmus.  We see a nice family detained.  Agents also storm our favorite alien watering hole and Winn’s new girlfriend is of the ones taken into custody.  This presents a problem for the DEO as they are a secret government organization that is not on the public radar.  If a press release is announced that there is a government organization that monitors aliens, and that organization has been compromised, there would be political fallout.  Kara has to come up with a way (as a reporter, not at Supergirl) to get the word out about this problem.

Unfortunately, Kara would have to get the story written.  Kara’s editor Snapper Carr is a "by the books" editor.  He will not publish a story unverified, unless Kara has a good source that will go on the record.  Lucky for Kara, she has Supergirl as her source.  How people don’t see that she is Supergirl is still amazing in this day and age.  Kara magically disappears and Supergirl comes in for an interview with Carr.  However, he is interested in exactly what the DEO is.  As a reporter himself, there’s the story, then there’s the story within the story.  Kara (as Supergirl) is unwilling to go deeper into talking about the DEO, so he kills the story.  Kara still needs the story out there.  After talking with her friend Lena Luthor, Kara decides to publish the story on her own personal blog, and that’s a big no-no in the eyes of her editor.  Kara faces consequences for her actions as she is fired by the end of the episode.

Kara isn’t the only one who have problems this week.  Alex, still struggling with her long-lost dad being a villain, starts going rogue.  Not only is she “Jack Bauer-ing” Cadmus agents in custody, but she’s still compromised with the idea that her father isn’t completely a villain.  J’onn shapeshifts into Jeremiah to test Alex, which she fails.  He forces her to sit this one out as she cannot be trusted to do the right thing having too much of an emotional involvement.  She then goes even more rogue and with the help of her girlfriend, investigates where the aliens might be herself.  After she finds out Cadmus’s secret lair, she learns that Cadmus is using a space ship to deport all of them off of Earth.  This is where the show tackles Trumpism even further.  Some aliens were brought here as children and all they know is Earth.  Others were refugees escaping their war-torn planets and Cadmus is going to throw them to the wolves.  Alex manages to catch up to her father, who in true Darth Vader fashion has an about face and comes back to the “good side” at the end and helps his daughter rescue the aliens.

In the end, Supergirl arrives and manages to prevent the spaceship from leaving Earth’s orbit, saving the day.  However, a nearby spaceship observes this and we see two hooded figures played by Lois and Clark’s Terri Hatcher and Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo.  Looks like they will be the new bad guys.

Next week, it looks like Mon-El’s past will finally come forward!

The Flash: “The Wrath Of Savitar”

The episode begins with Barry, Wally, and Jesse having a race to help Wally increase his speed.  After all, Wally is the one who has to save Iris which means that he needs to continue getting faster than eve before.  Unfortunately, Wally is also having hallucinations of Savitar.  While this is a problem in and of itself, Wally keeping it a secret is also a problem.  He eventually tells the team, which causes Barry to want to sideline him as this means that Savitar might be using him as a conduit to spy on him.

With the idea that Savitar is possibly still around, Barry wants to use Julian as a conduit to try and contact the “God of Speed.”  The reluctant Julian feels guilt for the time he spent as one of Savitar acolytes and doesn’t want a part of it.  He does agree for the sake of helping the team find out what’s going on and try to stop him.  Savitar speaks to team flash through Julian, revealing that he’s not dead, and will soon be able to escape the prison of the Speed Force.  

Wally convinces Cisco to use his vibe powers to vide him to the future so he can see Iris death.  The idea is for him to see what he can gauge from the future to prevent his sister from dying.  The reluctant Cisco vibes him to the future where he sees his sister’s murder.  Wally does, in fact, get a clue, but it’s not a good one.  Last week Barry also proposed to Iris.  Although he has loved her since childhood, it turns out there was an ulterior motive behind it.  Wally noticed in the future that Iris did not have an engagement ring on her finger when she died.  Barry figured that if she was engaged, then the future would be changed.  However, Wally (in typical Wally fashion) confronts Barry in front of everyone.  This doesn’t go over well with Iris.  She might call off the engagement as a result, cause the future to come through as predicted.  Now if Wally just kept his mouth shut or confronted Barry privately!

Another stunning revelation is that Caitlin did not destroy all of the stone that brought Savitar to live as she wanted to see if Julian could use it to reverse her Killer Frost powers.  This is the “betrayal” that Savitar spoke of.  The regretful Caitlin comes clean as well.  Too many of Team Flash is keeping secrets!

Meanwhile, Wally’s hallucinations are still happening.  This time he’s hallucinating his dead mother.  We know it’s Savitar, but Wally now goes off on an adventure to try and stop Savitar (even though he’s being led into a trap.  He takes the stone and tries to throw it into the Speed Force.  However, this is what Savitar wanted him to do all along.  By throwing the final piece of the stone into the Speed Force, it causes Savitar and Wally to trade places.  Wally is now a prisoner and Savitar is free.  Barry arrives too late and Wally is trapped.  As the two try to face off, Savitar is still stronger than Barry is.  Savitar almost reveals to Barry who he really is, get ready for yet another “betrayal reveal” for the evil speedster’s secret identity.  I’m calling it now that it will be Eddie Thawne!  Savitar manages to stab Barry and escapes, leaving Team Flash in shambles. 

Next week, Barry goes into the Speed Force to try and rescue Wally.

Legends of Tomorrow: “Land of the Lost”

It’s been a while since we saw the Legends.  When last we saw them, they were trying to find a piece of the Spear of Destiny in Arthurian times.  The team succeeded in stopping Evil-Rip Hunter and took him prisoner.  However, the episode ended in a cliffhanger as he still technically was the captain of the ship and still had command codes.  Why or why, wouldn’t the team have Gideon change authorization after Rip was turned to the dark side?

Evil-Rip manages to free himself from the prison cell on the Wave Rider.  Evil-Rip goes straight to the armory and gets all the necessary tools to take the ship back after locking everyone out.  Of course, he didn’t count on Nate with his powers to be able to override the door locks.  As the Legends try and retake the ship, there’s a scuffle which causes the Wave Rider to time jump and crashes in the Cretaceous period.  

It’s good they actually mentioned this time period by name.  As a dinosaur nut myself, Jurassic gets too much credit in popular culture.  The most popular dinosaur of all time Tyrannosaurus Rex, did not live during the Jurassic Era.  Velociraptors are also from the Cretaceous period.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, the Jurassic Park/World movies are a lie!  

But I digress… the team crash lands in the Cretaceous period and are pretty much stuck there.  The violent crash caused pertinent pieces of the ship to be scattered across the landscape.  The team has two goals while stuck.  They need to get the pertinent technology to be able to leave this time period.  They also have to figure out where the final piece of the Spear of Destiny is, as evil-Rip destroyed the technology on the ship that could point them in the right direction.  In order to do they, they will need to go into an unconscious Evil-Rip’s mind Inception-style.  Sara and Jax venture into Evil-Rip’s mind with Stein and Rory monitoring while Ray, Nate, and Amaya brave the wilderness.

Outside, Ray, Nate, and Amaya have to avoid a T-Rex named Gertrude that Ray knew when he was stranded here in the beginning of the season.  While outside, Nate and Amaya continue their flirting.  Even though Amaya did not want a relationship after their hookup citing “professionalism,” she’s now interested in continuing their “casual” relationship.  Ray warns Nate about continuing, citing that once they save reality, Amaya will have to go back to her separate time period.  If Nate has a relationship with her, it will negate all of the history she (and her decedents) make as the superhero Vixen.  Nate realizes this and agrees the safe thing to do will be to call it off.  However, later on in the episode, she invites him to her room for a booty call, and he still goes through.  Might Nate be the one who ends up marrying her and all her decedents are from him and her?  Time travel makes you scratch you head a lot.

Meanwhile, on the Wave Rider, Sara and Jax are having an interesting time in Evil-Rip’s mind.  Thanks to Eobard Thawne meddling with his mind, we see how he actually sees the Legends and see evil doppelgangers of our heroes.  They also find the “real” version of Rip, who is locked in a prison cell in his own mind.  Sara and Jax rescue the real Rip and manage to fend off against the evil versions of themselves in order to rescue Rip.  In the aftermath, he is cured on his brainwashing and they welcome their captain back into the fold.  Now that Rip is in full control, they have to get the last piece of the Spear of Destiny.

And it looks like it’s the 1970s when NASA launched to the moon.