This Week In DC TV: Prometheus Reveals Himself To Oliver

Last week in the Arrowverse:

On Supergirl, Cadmus enacted Trump's immigration plan and was trying to deport all aliens from National City.  Thanks to a determined DEO (and a Jeremiah who finally did the right thing), their plans were foiled.  Although everything worked out, Kara was fired from her job as a reporter for taking journalistic matters in her own hand.  Meanwhile, a new enemy may be showing up as a ship just entered orbit.

On The Flash, Savitar is back!  The God of Speed managed to trick Wally into releasing him from his prison in the Speed Force.  Now Wally’s stuck in the prison, needing Barry to come and rescue him.  Meanwhile, Barry though the best way to avoid the future (in which Iris was not married) was to propose to her.  Once she found out that he proposed to her for nefarious reasons, it might spell doom for the couple.

Legends of Tomorrow returned and traveled to dinosaur times, as well as to the inner workings of Rip Hunter’s mind to rescue him from the brainwashing of Eobard Thawne.  With Rip back, the Legends finally have their captain back, who has not been with them all season.

Arrow had the week off as we probably needed a week to recover for the revealing that District Attorney Adrian Chase is the season’s big baddie, Prometheus.  This week is to have even more mind games against Oliver and Team Arrow.

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

The Flash: “Into The Speed Force”

With Wally being imprisoned in The Speed Force and Savitar released from his prison, it was a low point for Team Flash.  Not only does it look like the future is coming true just as planned, but now Wally (who Barry thought would be the ace in the hole) is now imprisoned in the Speed Force and can’t help save Iris.

Most of the episode was all about rescuing Wally.  Barry decides to enter the Speed Force with the purpose of getting Wally safely out.  Thanks to Cisco’s ever unexplainable vibe powers, he is able to get Barry back into The Speed Force.  The last time we saw the Speed Force was in “The Runaway Dinosaur” where Barry was able to make his case to get his speed back after Zoom had stolen it.  Barry had promised that he would not use his speed for his own selfish purposes, but you know… Flashpoint.  

This time, The Speed Force wasn’t so eager to help Barry out.  Just as before, the Speed Force showed itself to Barry through familiar folks.  Instead of his mother, Joe, and Iris this time, we got to take a trip down memory lane.  We are reunited with long-lost faces like Eddie Thawne, Ronnie, and Captain Cold as they express to Barry disappointment for causing Flashpoint.  If they are going to let Barry help rescue Wally, there will be a few obstacles in his way, namely Black Flash.

Elsewhere, Jessie Quick is in need for some payback against Savitar.  Now if Barry can’t defeat him, why does she think that she can?  The piece of metal from his armor that Barry knocked off last week has some sort of “homing beacon” and wants to reunite with the rest of them.  Despite warnings from everyone on Team Flash (specifically HR), Jesse lets it loose and tries to find Savitar.  When she catches up to the object, she faces off against Savitar.  He doesn’t kill her as he tells her he has “big plans” for her.  What could that be?  We already think that Killer Frost will be the one who betrays the group, might it be her?  In the struggle, Jessie (thanks to HR speaking in her ear realizes that the piece of his armor missing has an opening and she stabs him with it.  Turns out, he’s just a regular person under all that armor.  Now, who could he be under the armor?

Realizing that Barry needs help within the Speed Force, Cisco reaches out to Earth-3’s Jay Garrick, who enters of his own will to help Barry rescue Wally.  After defeating Captain Cold, arrive and find Wally is a hospital where he is in his own personal hell.  Forced to relive the death of his mother, Wally is broken.  In order for Wally to be released from The Speed Force, someone needed to remain as its prisoner.  Barry was willing to sacrifice himself, but Jay decided that he would be the one to replace Wally and opted to remain behind.  Barry promised him that once he stopped Savitar, he would return to save him.

With Wally freed from the Speed Force, he will need to recover.  He thought he would at least have Jessie by his side.  She opts to go to Earth-3 since Jay is trapped in the Speed Force, and Earth-3 needs a speedster.  Barry has to deal with Iris as the two had a falling out over the reasons behind his marriage proposal to her.  Although Iris knows he does love her and wants to move forward, Barry realizes that he needs to not be afraid of the future and face it head on.  He breaks off the relationship with her so that he can concentrate on saving her.  

Next week in the crossover musical between The Flash and Supergirl, which is promising to be very interesting.  

Legends of Tomorrow: “Moonshot”

(The Real) Rip Hunter’s back, and with him 100% a good guy again, they have to get the last piece of the Spear of Destiny.  With the computer system connected to locating the spear destroyed by a brainwashed Rip, the “system” that knows where the last piece of the spear is in Rip’s head.  

Rip reveals that the last piece of the spear is with Henry Heywood, Nate’s father and Commander Steel of the Justice Society of America.  Rip had broken up the pieces of the spear and scattered them throughout time with other members of the Justice Society of America.  Rip had Henry sent to 1965, and away from his wife and son, for the sake of safeguarding reality.  The Legends tried to then catch up to him moments after Rip dropped him off, only to be unable to find him.  Realizing that Henry was a patriot and would dedicate himself to service, they quickly realized that he was working for NASA and find him in 1970.  It’s off to 1970- they go.

Henry is now in charge of the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas.  As the Legends arrive and he sees Rip, he quickly punches the Time Master in the face.  Turns out, he’s not too happy about having to abandon his wife and son for the sake of saving all of existence.  Afterward, he runs into the other Legends who tell him that they need to get his piece of the spear.  He tells them that it’s safe as there is no one on Earth can get to it…. It’s on the moon!  However, a certain speedster has made it onto a shuttle that’s heading to the moon.  Eobard Thawne is in the upper stratosphere and about to get the piece.  

Ray Palmer using his Atom suit manages to sneak onto the spaceship where he runs into Thawne, while the rest of the Legends are either on the Wave Rider, or at mission Control at NASA.  Because Thawne’s I trying to avoid Black Flash, he doesn’t use his speed powers and loses to Palmer in a fist fight.  After subduing him, Ray walks onto the surface of the moon where he obtains the final piece of the spear.  Of course, some technical issues arise aboard the shuttle and Palmer, as smart as he is, will require some assistance from his enemy.  After all, Eobard Thawne is a genius-level scientist from the future, who gave himself his speedster powers, he can surely keep a 1970s spaceship from crashing.

Meanwhile, Rip and Sarah are having a captain-measuring contest aboard the Wave Rider.  Rip is the true captain of the ship and crew, but in his absence, Sara has managed to whip everything into shape and is making better split-second command decisions than he is.  From figuring out where to find Commander Steel as well as a few other key moments, Rip finally realizes that his time has passed as the leader of this rag-tag crew and he actually tells Sara that she’s the captain of the ship.  

Elsewhere, Henry and his grandson, Nate are talking about time travel, and Nate has the idea of sending him back to his family when this is all over with.  The only problem is that it will create a time-aberration.  You see, Nate is the way he is, because his dad was a hardass on him.  And his dad was a hardass on him because his father (Henry) wasn’t around, because he was saving all of reality and time displaced.  Nate wants to change all that because he feels his family needs some course correcting.  Amaya overhears this conversation and later tells Nate that if he does this, he will change himself, and it might not be for the better.  Nate also reveals to Amaya that she will have to return to her own time as she also already has a history as well as her superhero decedents that if she does not return o ensure goes smoothly will also create a time aberration.  Nate doesn’t get the chance to enact this as when the Wave Rider takes a hit from some meteor fragments (to protect the shuttlecraft), and Henry volunteers to help the ship relieve air pressure as it enters Earth’s atmosphere sacrificing himself into the vacuum of space.  Henry tells his grandson to tell his son that he loves him.  Nate sees a younger version of his father and tells him just that.

Thawne manages to use his speed powers to escape the brig aboard the Wave Rider, which brings Black Flash right on cue to try and kill him.  This causes him to be unable to retrieve the piece of the spear the Legends obtained.  The episode ends with Sara and Rip talking about her role on the ship as well as Rips new role as just a “regular crewman” on the ship.  Amaya then asks the ship’s computer Gideon to tell her about her future and she sees just what she has to return back to her time period to ensure happens.

Next week, the Legends have to now protect the complete spear from the Legion of Doom.

Arrow: “Checkmate”

Last week, we (the audience) found out that Adrian Chase was Prometheus, this week Oliver finds out his identity.

First off, this is probably the BEST episode of Arrow in at least 3 years!!  This is season 1 level quality of great unique storytelling.  For a show that was considered “past its prime” last year, this episode brought it back to its quality.  We also have probably the best villain since Deathstroke, and probably better than him.

The episode begins Oliver travels to visit Talia (in the present day, not in flashbacks) where he asks her what she knows about Prometheus.  She reveals to him not only who he really is, but that she’s been helping him for the last two years.  We all know that she’s Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins.  However, Oliver did not know who she really was.  Since he killed her father, she is no longer his friend, but his enemy.  

With this new information, Oliver heads back to chase DA Chase down.  His District Attorney is hiding in plain sight, conducting meetings with the city council on Oliver’s behalf, meanwhile, he has Oliver’s former girlfriend hostage at an undisclosed location.  Chase is confident and in complete control.  If Oliver kills him, she will die as he is her only source of food and water at the moment.  By him saying “I’m 10 steps ahead of you, and you haven’t even figured out what game we’re playing yet,” we finally see just how deliciously evil he can be.  Up until now, he’s been played low key by actor Josh Segarra.  Now that cat’s out the bag, he’s in full effect a supervillain and did it in stride.

Oliver tells the team the latest development as they try a plan of attack.  However, they are down one member.  Felicity, their “Overwatch” is now hip-deep in her hacker group, she’s ignoring calls from Team Arrow.  Her obsession with joining Helix has now made her a liability for the team.  When they could have needed her the most, she is nowhere to be found.  She finds out that Helix has managed to hack every cell phone on the planet.  This is something that Team Arrow could use.  However, when she asks Kojo she’s not in the business of one-sided favors.  Felicity has to prove her weight for the group, and that means hacking a US drone and giving Helix access to control it.  

Oliver arrives at Adrian’s house where he tries to talk to his wife to tell her that he’s Prometheus, the “throwing star killer.”  Of course, she doesn’t believe him, and soon enough the police arrive to arrest The Green Arrow.  Remember, he’s technically a cop killer.  Oliver manages to escape the police with a flash grenade, but this proves that Chase is 10 steps ahead of him the whole time.  Felicity catches up with Oliver later on and reveals Adrian’s real name, Simon Morrison.  He can use that information to legally get him in trouble (for fraudulently being a city employee).  It’s not arresting him for being Prometheus, but hey, it’s a start.  

Oliver passes the information on to the police captain (who at this point should know he’s the Green Arrow).  Soon enough, the captain is stabbed outside the station in an alley.  As Oliver comes to the hospital to check on him, guess who’s there… Chase!  He’s not in Lex Luthor territory for outsmarting the hero.  

Thanks to Felicity, they do manage to find out where Oliver’s girlfriend Susan is being held and Team Arrow spring into action.  The team springs into action to mount a rescue.  Chase had laid the building with booby traps, though.  Oliver manages to find Susan and try and send her to safety.  He finally catches up with Case and the two engage in a fight.  The plan is to keep Chase there until the explosives chase has throughout the building go off.  Of course, Chase has an app that deactivates the bombs, once again proclaiming he’s ten steps ahead of Oliver.  However, Oliver had once ace up his sleeve.  Diggle shows up with Chase’s wife, who now sees her husband for the murderer he really is.  She tries to talk him off the ledge with the promise of getting him help.  However, Chase stabs his wife to death (which eh will blame on the Green Arrow).  As Diggle tries to rush her out still bleeding, the two engage in fighting once again.  However, Talia shows up and puts an arrow through Oliver's leg.  By the time the rest of Team Arrow show up, they cannot find Oliver as he’s been taken away and is in a prison cell held by Chase and Talia.

Next week, Chase will try and break Oliver.