This Week In DC TV: The Impeachment of Oliver Queen

Last week in the Arrowverse:

For some reason, they showed a special Valentinus’s episode on Supergirl.  I guess they figured that everyone would be out actually celebrating Valentine’s Day and too busy to watch the episode.  Either way, the love-themed episode introduced us to Superman bad guy/anti-hero Mxyzptlk as Kara was the object of his affection.

On The Flash, Barry ventured to Earth-2 to rescue Harry Wells from the clutches of Grodd.  Grodd told them that he needed their help defeating Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City.  However, it was a ruse as Grodd needed Solovar out of the way so he could take over the gorilla army and lead an assault on Earth-1.  With Gypsy in his clutches, Grodd has a means to get to Earth-1.

Legends of Tomorrow had the Legends traveling to the times of King Arthur so they can get to a piece of the Spear of Destiny.  Stargirl and Doctor Mid-Nite (members of the Justice Society of America) also played a role as they had gone on their own time-traveling adventures for Rip Hunter (before he turned evil).  This week, Legends of Tomorrow get a break, though.

On Arrow, we saw the return of Cupid, China White, and Liza: the Star City Sirens if you will.  Oliver also tried to track down the identity of who Prometheus really is by confronting the villain’s mother, who would not reveal the details on her son, as she blamed the Green Arrow.  To protect Oliver’s vigilante identity from his reporter girlfriend Susan, Thea played dirty politics and ensured that Susan would never be a reporter again.  On top of all that, the police still thought he was the murderer for Felicity’s former boyfriend.  As the mayor, Oliver tells the police chief of the cover-up of the murder and that the Green Arrow did not do the killing, it was Prometheus.  Soon after, it was leaked and now Oliver is facing a possible impeachment.

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

Supergirl: “Homecoming”

Last week Kara and Mon-El finally hooked up.  Continuing from there, Mon-El wakes up to an empty bed.  Just because you hook up with Kara, doesn’t mean that she’s going to stop being Supergirl.  By the time he wakes up, she’s already done numerous heroic feats.  As the two are currently in that “new relationship bubble,” Kara wants to keep it on the DL and not let anyone at the DEO know about it.  Of course, Mon-El immediately broadcasts it to everyone.  However, they have a new Cadmus-related incident to deal with.

Everyone over at the DEO gets news about Cadmus transporting some sort of weapon that will be used in the name of fighting against aliens.  Supergirl and all of them rush to head off the convoy.  However what they find is not a weapon, it’s Kara and Alex’s long lost father Jeremiah Danvers (OG Superman from Loid and Clark: Dean Cain).  Being that they haven’t seen him for many, many years, it’s cause for a celebration.

Jeremiah is given a heroes’ welcome back at the DEO.  J'onn even reinstates him as Jeremiahs says he knows about a weapon that Cadmus is building, much to Mon-El’s disappointment.  After all, Mon-El had to “prove” himself before he could be trusted.  Jeremiah has spent years under captivity and could possibly be turned.  He voices his concern to Kara.  However, Kara will have nothing of it as she’s getting her father back after too many years.  She tells Mon-El to drop it, which he agrees to.

Later on, everyone is having a celebratory dinner at Kara’s in honor of Jeremiah’s return.  Jeremiah meets Alex’s girlfriend for the first time, which is the way she comes out to him.  Jeremiah states he knew that no man was good enough for his daughter, but is pleased in meeting Maggie.  Mon-El still doesn’t feel comfortable with how chummy everyone is with Jeremiah.  After causing a scene to voice his displeasure, Kara has him leave the house.  Jeremiah offers to escort Mon-El out, in which he tells him that he knows who Mon-El really is and threatens to tell Kara the truth.  We already had one of the Dominators acknowledge Mon-El as someone important to them (and that can’t be good), and now Jeremiah knows his dirt.  The shoe’s going to drop sooner or later that Mon-El’s really a bad guy.

Mon-El realizes that he’s not going to be able to convince Kara as she’s too blinded by love for her father, so he enlists Winn’s help in looking at Jeremiah.  The next day Winn catches Jeremiah trying to break into the DEO mainframe (something he should not have access to).  When Mon-El and Winn tell Kara, she has to take it seriously.  The three of them confront Jeremiah, but he reveals to them that he just wanted to learn about his daughters, since he’s had so much time away from them.  This causes a rift between Kara and Alex.  While Kara is warming up to the idea that her father might be a Manchurian Candidate, Alex I still too blinded by a daughter’s love.  She screams to her sister that she’s either family, or she’s not.

Later on, Jeremiah provides the DEO with a lead to where the Cadmus weapon is.  However, when Kara and all the soldiers arrive, it’s just an empty building.  Meanwhile, in all the commotion, Jeremiah sneaks into the mainframe room once again.  This time J’onn is suspicious, as he cannot read Jeremiah’s mind.  Jeremiah reveals that he has a bionic arm, and has been augmented the same way the real Hank Henshaw has by Cadmus.  Jeremiah was there to hack into the mainframe and download DEO files.  In the struggle, both Winn and J’onn are injured by Jeremiah.  When Kara and Alex arrive, they go after their father.  They run into him in the woods as he meets up with Lillian Luthor.  As Kara and Alex confront them, they already have contingency plans.  A bomb blows up on a bridge and Kara has to do the heroics to save a train about to fall.  Alex then confronts her father, but can’t bring herself to pull the trigger, so Jeremiah escapes.

Everyone goes home to nurse their wounds of betrayal.  Kara finds comfort in Mon-El and Alex does with Maggie.  Both girls are upset that their father has gone over to the dark side.  Winn lets Kara know that her father stole the DEO’s National Alien Registry!

Next week on Supergirl, Cadmus is using the Alien Registry for abducting aliens.

The Flash: “Attack On Central City”

Last week it was “Attack on Gorilla City.”  This week, the Gorilla’s strike back in “Attack on Central City.”  

Now Team Flash doesn’t know that Gypsy was working with Grodd.  After escaping Gorilla City, Barry is happy because, at this point, the future doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  The news report talked about an attack on Central City by Grodd’s gorilla army.  However, we all know that they are on their way.  

As they are relaxing having returned from Earth-2, Gypsey shows up and uses her “vibe” powers on Team Flash.  After they manage to subdue her and lock her in the power subduing cell at STAR Labs, she awakens not knowing how she got there.  Turns out, she was a victim of Grodd’s telepathy just like most who cross a telepathic super-powered gorilla.  As she collects herself, she remembered that Grodd forced her to open a portal to Earth-1, so the gorilla army is already here.  Barry figures out that her attack was the distraction from Grodd.

After Cisco uses his vibe powers to find out where Grodd is, they plan to attack him.  Barry, Wally, and Jesse join the Central City police to the location where they await Grodd and his army.  However, they never arrive.  Was Cisco wrong?  Nope, Grodd’s just prepared.  He mind controls Joe and forces Joe to pull out his own gun and shoot himself with it.  Thanks to Barry being The Flash, he manages to move fast enough to stop Joe from shooting himself in the head.  While Grodd doesn’t show up, Joe got the chance to see what Grodd was doing (thanks to the mind control).  After working with Harry, Joe is able to recover a memory, which is a military man, who just happens to be in charge of the nukes.  Grodd is going to mind control that person to nuke Central City!

Barry heads to the nuclear base, but the missiles are already primed to launch.  Barry has to use his speed capabilities to enter an abort code.  He has to go through thousands upon thousands of possible abort codes to choose from, and the clock’s winding down.  In the usual buzzer-beater fashion, Barry is able to disarm the missiles and save the city.  

With using Gypsy failing, using Joe failing, and using missiles failing, Grodd finally launches his invasion by his army in Central City.  The only line of defense is Barry, Wally, and Jesse.  While the three speedsters are able to hold their own, they are no match for an army of super powered gorillas.  For most of the episode Barry has wrestled with the idea of killing Grodd, but that’s not really in his moral code.  Thanks to a pep talk from each member of Team Flash, he doesn’t go through with it, but has a better solution.  Cisco pleads with the reluctant-to-participate Gypsy for her help in fighting the gorilla army.  While she and Cisco don’t join the fight, they manage to bring the next best thing.  The two of them open a portal and out comes Solovar from Earth-2.  After the elder ape defeats Grodd, he takes the gorilla army back to Earth-2 with him.

Everything works out in the end.  Barry is able to hold onto his morals and not kill Grodd, who was transferred to an ARGUS facility.  Bary even decides to pop the question to Iris.  However, everything’s not all happy as Wally sees a vision of Savitar.

Of course, you know this means he’s returning.

Arrow: “Fighting Fire with Fire”

Last week ended with the new breaking about a leak concerning Oliver and his cover-up of Bill Malone’s death.  Oliver could possibly be facing an impeachment as the citizens of Star City will not tolerate a mayor who breaks the law.  

This episode is unique as most of Oliver’s screen time is as himself, and not as his vigilante counterpart The Green Arrow.  District Attorney Adrian offers to be the fall guy, since he did, in fact, facilitate the cover up.  However, Oliver will not allow this to happen as he was the one who ordered Adrian to do it in the first place. Oliver does have Adrian represent Oliver in his impeachment trial since Oliver will not be able to testify himself during the proceedings.

There is a good subplot surrounding Curtis and Rene.  You see, many fans feel that Curtis was miscast for the role of Mr. Perfect.  Curti was introduced to us as a weak, brainiac, nerdy sidekick to Felicity and not the same as his counterpart who was not only one of the smartest people in DC comics but also one of the finest athletes.  His perceived weakness doesn’t have to be with him being gay, the character was just created structurally different than his comic book counterpart.  However, tonight’s episode seems to be doing a little bit of course correcting as we are introduced to the T-Spheres.  The T-Spheres are almost mini-drones that Mr. Terrific uses for offensive and defensive capabilities.  As he is trying to make them, Rene teases him by saying he’s playing with his “balls” as a running gag.  The two balls do end up saving the day and Curtis is continuing to make his mark on the show.  Curtis does run into his husband, only to be served divorce papers, so now he’ll 100% be Mr. Terrific with no hope of getting back with his husband.

Oliver is no longer the beloved mayor of the city thanks to current events.  This places him on Vigilante’s radar, who decides that Oliver is a corrupt politician that needs to be taken out.  In a surprise attack on Oliver’s motorcade, Vigilante almost ends up killing him.  Thanks to a last minute sonic scream by Dinah, Oliver is not killed but Vigilante escapes.  Vigilante tries to make a few assassination attempts on Oliver later on the episode.  Towards the end of the episode, he is stopped by Team Arrow (who don’t need Oliver 100% of the time).  However, the big one is hen he is stopped by Prometheus, who warns Vigilante not to kill Oliver as he has plans for him.  After Prometheus seemingly defeats Vigilante in hand to hand combat, Prometheus removes his mask to reveal his true identity… It’s Adrian!!!  This is a big shock because, in the comics, Adrian is actually Vigilante.  In the TV show, he’s Prometheus!

Oliver and Thea still are at odds thanks to her playing dirty politics with Oliver’s girlfriend Susan which caused her to get fired.  The two continue to butt heads as Thea wants to salvage his political career by getting further in the mud and blaming Malone for his own death and making up a story that he was a corrupt cop to be leaked to the press.  By the end of the episode, Thea realizes that she need to be somewhere else.  Her blood lust she had after being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit was replaced with a political blood lust.  She decides to leave the Mayor’s office and so that she doesn’t further lose herself.  

Oliver holds a press conference to appeal to the people of Star City and justify his actions.  For a second, it looked like he was going to out himself as the Green Arrow.  Instead, he turns against his alter-ego.  He says he tried to cover up the murder because he wanted to keep it a secret that the Green Arrow was a “cop killer.”  Now Oliver has turned against his alter-ego.  The Green Arrow is back to being a bad guy in the eyes of law enforcement.

The episode ends on some unique turns.  Felicity, who has been going on her own “dark side” trek, decides to embrace the hacker group Helix.  Despite Diggle trying to talk her off the ledge, she goes in full throttle.  However, she does help Susan get her job back by making it look like the plagiarism she and Thea accused her of was just a prank, so Susan’s safe.  Speaking os Susan, Adrian pays her a visit.  And with him being Prometheus, that can’t be a good thing.

Next week, Oliver find out who Prometheus really is, and will have to face off against his District Attorney!