Teresa Palmer Is Held Captive In Trailer For Cate Shortland's 'Berlin Syndrome'

I've always felt that Teresa Palmer was on the verge of a breakout here in the States, and she finally got it with last year's horror hit, Lights Out. Well she's sticking with the genre for her next film, Berlin Syndrome, from the great Australian director Cate Shortland (Somersault, Lore). Strong reviews followed its world premiere at Sundance, and judging by the terrifying new trailer it's easy to see why.

Palmer plays Clare, a journalist backpacking through Germany who meets and is instantly attracted to the charismatic Andi (Max Riemelt). After a night of passion it looks like the beginning of a romance, but instead Clare awakens to find Andi has locked her in his apartment with no intention of ever letting her go. The film is based on Melanie Joosten's 2011 novel, adapted by Shaun Grant.

Berlin Syndrome opens May 5th 2017.