Supercut Celebrates 15 Years Of Great Movies From Focus Features

When I spoke with Indignation director James Schamus last year, I couldn't stop gushing. It was embarrassing. Even Schamus noticed it. The reason is that Schamus was the head of Focus Features during the studio's heyday, delivering many of my all-time favorite movies: Lost in Translation, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Atonement, The Constant GardenerEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...the list goes on and on.

Focus hasn't been the same since he left, but their history and catalog of incredible movies remains. At CinemaCon they put together this two-minute supercut celebrating their 15th anniversary with a reminder of why they have 21 Academy Awards to their credit. Check it out, then stock up your Blu-Ray shelf with anything you might have missed. I'll be over here watching this on repeat.