'Star Wars' Fan Seamlessly Connects 'Rogue One' With Beginning Of 'A New Hope'

If you haven't seen the awesome ending to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, now might be a good time to turn back.

Star Wars has had some great ending scenes, and the conclusion to Rogue One has to rank right up there. Not only does it pack an emotional wallop, but it connects so fluidly with Episode IV: A New Hope. Or, at least it left us with the impression that it does, but does it really? Vimeo user Barre Fong has spliced together the Darth Vader/Leia-fueled ending of Rogue One with the start of 'A New Hope' and yes, they go together perfectly. Trust me, I'll be watching both movies back-to-back as soon as is possible.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story his digital this Friday, DVD/Blu-Ray on April 4th!