*SPOILERS* 'Logan' Nearly Included An X-Men Flashback Scene

It took a handful of movies and a lot of years, but Logan is the Wolverine movie we had always been clamoring for. Fortunately, 20th Century Fox, James Mangold, and Hugh Jackman saw their efforts rewarded with a huge opening weekend and a bounce back for the X-Men franchise after X-Men: Apocalypse's disappointment. The best thing about Logan was it took an approach that reduced superheroics to a minimum and thus feels completely different from other comic book movies. 

And part of that "less is more" philosophy included removing a key flashback scene that would have done what superhero movies always do, which is explain everything to death. The film is set in 2049 when mutants have essentially been wiped from the Earth, and that includes the X-Men. So what happened to them? Screenwriter Michael Green says the script once included a delve into Professor X's past that would have shown the incident that destroyed them, but it was cut out...

"It actually hits home a lot harder than the versions that really painted out specifically the flashback. Of course there are versions we wrote that were never filmed with the actual flashback of what happened, but I've found the experience of watching it is far more poignant to just know that it was something really regrettable and it was bad and most likely, friends were lost. Or maybe it was people we didn't know."

Probably the right move. I think it's far more effective to simply see the impact the memory of the X-Men has on Xavier and Logan, who have clearly not gotten over what happened. Green says he likes going online to read fan theories about it, and says he would love to read a comic where someone actually writes it out. Sadly, you won't see the scene on the Blu-Ray features because nothing was ever filmed, so fan theory may be all we ever get. [THR]