Sony's Female-Led Spider-Man Movie Revived As Black Cat/Silver Sable Team Up

One of the reasons Sony's previous Spider-Man franchise failed is they tried to do too much too soon. In 2014 before the Marvel deal, one of the many ideas they launched was a female-led Spidey movie penned by Lisa Joy Nolan. Those plans were shelved for obvious reasons, but with Sony now launching a new Spider-verse separate from the MCU, one that begins with a Venom movie, they are also bringing back the idea of a movie featuring female Spider-Man characters.

THR reports that a Black Cat and Silver Sable team up movie is in the works, with Christopher Yost taking over from Nolan's script. Yost is a comic book writer and screenwriter who worked on Thor: The Dark World and helped create the character X-23, who just appeared in Logan. This project is apparently different from the Silver Sable one they had reached out to Abi Morgan to write just last year.

Silver Sable is a world class mercenary who leads a team known as the Wild Pack. Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, is a cat burglar and antihero in the vein of, you guessed it, Catwoman. Spider-Man is pretty much the only male hero she responds to positively. While she initially had no powers, it was later revealed that she can manipulate probability fields....basically it means she can give others bad luck. She's like the anti-Domino.

Neither this movie or the Venom one will be tied to the MCU or Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming, which still seems like a curious move. It gives them franchises to call their own, but without Spider-Man there has to be a greater risk of failure, one would think.