Serinda Swan Is Medusa In Marvel's 'Inhumans' Series

Marvel isn't wasting any time casting up their new Inhumans series. Just yesterday Anson Mount joined up as the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, with Iwan Rheon already on board as Maximus. Now Black Bolt's queen, Medusa, has been cast and the job goes to former Breakout Kings and Graceland actress, Serinda Swan.

Medusa is one of the most powerful female heroes in the Marvel universe, and fiercely loyal to her husband, Black Bolt. She also serves as his primary interpreter since his words have the power to shatter mountains. Her exposure to the Terrigen Mists has given her red hair incredible strength, and she can control it to do whatever she pleases, even after it has been cut. Producer and Marvel head of TV Jeph Loeb says of Swan...

“Serinda empowers Medusa’s regal glory and still maintains a relatability that synced perfectly with the character. She is nothing short of wonderful.”

Swan played Zatanna in Smallville so she already has some comic book experience. She also played Aphrodite in the Percy Jackson movies and had a tiny role in Tron: Legacy.

Inhumans debuts this September with the first two episodes directed by Roel Reine and released into IMAX theaters for a two-week run. The rest of the 8-episode season will air on ABC.