Say Goodbye To Hugh Jackman's Wolverine With This Official Tribute Video

I don't know what 20th Century Fox plans to do with the Wolverine character now that Hugh Jackman has shaved his muttonchops off for good. Logan may be a certified hit film ($241M worldwide and counting), but it only goes to show the franchise has a lot of life left in it. One thing's for sure, they have to come up with a solution now because Jackman can't come back. Not after this glowing tribute Fox has put together honoring his 17 years playing the X-Men's most dangerous and yet lovable mutant.

Jackman has appeared in every X-Men movie, either as a star, in a cameo, or as the target of jokes. You get a look at all of his appearances in this video, and it will leave you wondering if anybody can ever fill Jackman's shoes. "The man and the role have merged," says Patrick Stewart in the video. I couldn't agree more.

Check it out below.