Ryan Gosling Is Bringing Comic 'The Underwater Welder' To The Big Screen

A couple of years ago Ryan Gosling made his directorial debut with Lost River a film that had a complicated, dark fairy tale narrative that didn't completely make sense. But it was a worthy first effort behind the camera for the La La Land star and recent Oscar nominee, and now he's looking to tackle another complex fantasy, this time an adaptation of bestselling graphic novel, The Underwater Welder.

Gosling is among the producers bringing award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire's graphic novel to the big screen. The story centers on Jack, an oil-rig worker who encounters the ghost of his own father during a dangerous dive. The encounter puts him through a barrage of memories, good and bad, that aim to help him deal with messy relationships and prepare for fatherhood. 

As of now there's no director, writer, or cast attached but this sounds like the perfect vehicle for Gosling's next directing gig. Hopefully the bad reviews on Lost River didn't drive him away for good.