Ridley Scott & Natalie Portman Teaming For Thriller 'All The Money In The World'

While Ridley Scott has been busy lately with Prometheus, Alien: Covenant, and the revamp of that franchise, every now and then he gets to make something that stands apart. The results have been mixed, The Martian is better than The Counselor which is better than Exodus: Gods & Kings for instance, so who knows how this next project goes. The premise, and potential star, are very intriguing however.

According to Deadline, Scott is set to direct crime thriller All the Money in the World, which features a Black List script by David Scarpa. The true story is based on the kidnapping of Getty oil fortune heir, John Paul Getty III, and his mother's desperate attempts to get the ransom money from the boy's stubborn stepfather. Natalie Portman is reportedly interested in taking the role of the mom, while Jack Nicholson was  approached to play the grandfather. He turned it down but an A-lister will still be sought out to make a heavyweight 1-2 punch.

Scott's pretty quick behind the camera so he could get this going and done fast, maybe even by the end of the year.