Review: 'Decanted: A Winemaker's Journey'

NOTE: Author and wine enthusiast Jen Scott returns to give her thoughts on Decanted: A Winemaker's Journey!

Decanted: A Winemaker’s Journey is a documentary just over an hour long that follows prominent wine makers straight out of Napa.  The Reynolds family, Aaron Pott, Anthony Bell, just to name a few.
This film sheds light on the “behind the scenes” nitty gritty. You didn’t think it was a simple s squeezing a few grapes into a bottle and shoving a cork in it, did you?  It focuses on the wine makers and their teams. How they work around the clock fulfilling a cycle which takes years, to bring that beautiful fermented joy to our wine loving lips.

Along with that, we are treated to breath taking views of Napa Valley. I’m a mountain girl so that was a bonus for me.

I recommend Decanted to any wine enthusiast who wants something to talk about at their next gathering with fellow wine-o's.  I know, next time I go to a tasting I’ll have a better understanding of what the hell they’re talking about when throwing out words like tannins and describing the process.  AND maybe next time, I’ll sip with my pinkie up as opposed to guzzling that pour and slamming it down on the bar with a swipe at my mouth with the back of my hand.

Rating: 3 out of 5