Podcast: Cinema Royale Reviews LOGAN & BEFORE I FALL, Tries To Ignore The Oscars

Bub, the baddest X-Man of them all is calling it a day, but is LOGAN the R-Rated swan song Hugh Jackman's Wolverine deserves? Of course we're going to be talking about the final X-Men flick to feature Jackman and Patrick Stewart's Professor X. Although if it gives us an awesome X-23 maybe that won't be so bad?
Plus, Mae Abdulbaki of Punch Drunk Critics joins us to review the new YA thriller BEFORE I FALL starring Zoey Deutch. It's sorta like GROUNDHOG DAY with 100% more teen angst. Mae caught the film at Sundance while I was actively trying to avoid it, but I may have been wrong to do that. Tune in to find out.
Plus, I will do my best to not add to the b.s. scandalizing of the Academy Awards, because let's just let it go, people. Tune in and follow Cinema Royale on Blogtalkradio as part of Critical: The Movie Critics Network!