New Trailer For 'The Most Hated Woman In America' Starring Melissa Leo

If you ever wondered why public schools can no longer read from the Bible during class, well it's that whole separation of church and state thing. But for years that didn't seem to matter, until 1963 the Murray v Curlett case put a stop to all of it. That case was brought about by Madalyn Murray O’Hair, a controversial figure and founder of the American Atheists. What she did made her a lot of followers, but also a ton of enemies, and her tragic story is being told in The Most Hated Woman in America.

A new trailer has arrived for the true crime biopic which stars Melissa Leo as Murray, who remained a controversial figure all the way until her untimely demise in 1995. Josh Lucas, Peter Fonda, Sally Kirkland, Rory Cochrane, Adam Scott, Vincent Kartheiser and Juno Temple co-star with Tommy O'Haver (Ella Enchanted) behind the camera.  Here's the synopsis:

A true-crime biopic about the disappearance of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, founder of the “American Atheists” and pioneering firebrand in the political culture war, The Most Hated Woman in America captures the rise and fall of a complex character who was a controversial villain to some and an unlikely hero to others.

The Most Hated Woman in America hits Netflix on March 24th.