Michelle Rodriguez Is A Hitman-Turned-Hitwoman In 'The Assignment' Trailer

Context is everything. Walter Hill, director of one of the iconic gang movies in The Warriors, has a new action flick titled The Assignment, which features a hitman who is forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery as a form of vengeance. If it had come out back in the time of The Warriors, we would have stamped it as B-movie schlock and moved on. But now, with the transgender community an accepted (by most rational people) part of society questions have been raised whether the film is an insult to them or not.  Having not ween it I can't say one way or the other, but I'm fairly safe in asserting that The Assignment can still be labeled as B-movie schlock.

The new trailer is still pretty nuts but I think does a better job getting the plot across than the previous one. The crazy premise finds Sigourney Weaver as a doctor who gets revenge for her brother's death by capturing the hitman who killed him and transforming him into a woman. It's a silly revenge because the now-hitwoman (Michelle Rodriguez) is still around to get payback. Duh.

The Assignment hits theaters on April 7th but is available now on Ultra VOD if you've got it.