New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Teaser; Michael Keaton Talks Vulture's Motivation

While Sony is busy trying to craft a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man, Marvel is setting forth on Spider-Man: Homecoming, one of three movies they've got hitting theaters this year. Technically a partnership with Sony, although nobody seems to care about their part of this equation, the film is directed by the mostly-unknown Jon Watts, whose biggest film was the indie chaser, Cop Car. And as he makes the move to such a blockbuster franchise he's looking to do things a little differently than what we've seen out of the MCU thus far, telling USA Today...

“My whole approach for this movie is that we’ve seen the penthouse level of the (Marvel) universe...We’ve seen what it’s like to be a billionaire inventor and to be a Norse god. We’ve seen the very top of this world. But we’ve never seen what it’s like to be just a regular joe.”

The regular joe he's referring to is Vulture, the villain played by Michael Keaton who we are now getting first official images of. Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes, is a salvager who cleans up the wreckage caused by superheroes, only to have a new company led by Tony Stark take over. Now, he's got revenge on the mind. Bokeem Woodbine and Michael Chernus play the Shocker and the Tinkerer, who join Vulture in scavenging alien artifacts and advanced tech to sell to other criminals. And obviously they use some of that stuff for themselves. That'll put him on the radar of Peter Parker (Tom Holland), who has Stark as a mentor.

Keaton adds, “Some people see themselves as victims — he sees himself a little bit like that. He probably would have a strong argument that he never got a fair shot — a lot of ‘Why not me? Where’s mine?’ ”

I dig the Vulture's look, and the civilian garb that has an avian-esque appearance. Keaton just can't get away from playing bird men, can he?  Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7th, but a new trailer debuts tomorrow! Check out a teaser for it below, featuring the first look at the Spider Tracer!