Melanie Lynskey & Nelsan Ellis Unpack Their Lives In The 'Little Boxes' Trailer

So I guess I'll be living vicariously through True Blood's Nelsan Ellis for a while.  He's starring alongside the always-amazing Melanie Lynskey in the indie dramedy Little Boxes, in which they play an interracial couple who move with their son to an all-white suburban community in Rome, WA. Based on the newly-released trailer, things don't go well for them or their kid as they deal with societal racism in a town where the kids say, "We totally needed a black kid". Uh oh.

The film is directed by Rob Meyer, who made a mark on the art house scene with A Birder's Guide to Everything. He co-wrote the script while Cary Fukunaga is on board as a producer.  Along with Ellis and Lynskey the film co-stars Armani Jackson as their biracial son, Janeane Garofalo as their neighbor who likes liquid lunches (aka getting drunk at noon), and Bad Moms' Oona Laurence.

Little Boxes opens April 14th.