Margot Robbie Will Become Robin Hood In 'Marian'

>sigh<  Because we can always count on Hollywood to take an idea, even one that's unproven, and steamroll it into the ground, we're now getting another Robin Hood movie. This despite the Taron Egerton-led Robin Hood: Origins already in the works. At least this one comes with a gender-swapping twist.

Margot Robbie will headline Marian, which obviously tells you she'll be playing Robin Hood's love, Maid Marian. However, this isn't just a movie told from her perspective like you might expect. Instead, she will actually take up Robin Hood's mission when he dies in front of her, leading the people into a pivotal war and becoming a legend herself. The script will be written by Pete Barry but no director is on board yet.

With Robbie plenty busy with I, Tonya followed by Gotham City Sirens and a bunch of other projects, Sony will probably take their time with this one. Hardly inspired stuff, but Robbie is always fun to watch and maybe she can make this role her own.  [Deadline]