'Man Of Steel 2' Reportedly Eyeing Matthew Vaughn As Director

Although Man of Steel kicked off the modern DCEU, the film didn't get a true sequel, instead being followed up by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That turned out to be more of a Batman movie than anything, even though it was Superman who made the ultimate sacrifice. Well, we know Supes will be back for Justice League, and late last fall we started to hear word about a possible Man of Steel sequel at some point. And now today comes a new rumor about who could be behind the camera.

According to Collider, Matthew Vaughn is high on Warner Bros.' list to direct Man of Steel 2. They add things are super early and not at all confirmed, so who knows how things shake out. Vaughn did make a pitch for Superman a few years ago and they went in the David Goyer and Zack Snyder direction. And it's probably worth noting that Vaughn wanted his Superman to be the polar opposite of the dark 'n grim approach seen in Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy.

We'll see what happens. Vaughn has a ton of comic book movie experience with X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass, and he's helped injected a light-hearted spirit into genre flicks with Kingsman: The Secret Service. That's what the DCEU is looking for right now, isn't it?