Longtime James Bond Writers Returning For 'Bond 25', Daniel Craig Still Undecided

Here's what has been confirmed about the 25th James Bond movie so far.....nada.  Okay, we do know that Sam Mendes won't be back to direct, but we don't know who his replacement will be. And speaking of replacements, does there need to be one for Daniel Craig? Lots of questions need to be answered, but one thing we do know is that longtime writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are coming back.

The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye tweeted news that Purvis and Wade had been hired to pen Bond 25. He goes on to add that Craig is "still deciding whether he will do it", which leaves us pretty much in the same place with everyone making suggestions on who the next Bond should be.  As for Purvis and Wade, they've been doing this since 1999's The World is Not Enough, and very nearly didn't return for Spectre. That film turned out to be a disappointment following the massive success of Skyfall, although it still earned nearly $900M worldwide.

With Craig's future as Bond still up in the air, bringing back at least one stable component to the franchise may be more important than ever. As of now there is no Bond 25 start or release date, and may not be for a while. Not until John Boyega's named as the next 007, he said with fingers crossed.