'Logan' Director James Mangold To Helm Don Winslow's Cop Drama, 'The Force'

After delivering one of the year's best movies with Logan, James Mangold is kind of going back to his roots. His breakout feature was 1995's gritty NYPD drama, Cop Land, and now Mangold is ready to tell another story about New York's boys in blue.

Mangold will direct The Force,  based on the upcoming book by Savages author, Don Winslow. 20th Century Fox jumped all over the rights way back before Winslow had even thought of a title, so that should tell you how highly they'll be prioritizing this one. Winslow spent years researching the NYPD to come up with the story about a corrupt cop within the most elite unit in the force.

No word on when this will start rolling but the book hits shelves on June 20th. [Deadline]