Live-Action 'Akira' Eyes 'Life' And 'Lights Out' Directors

Despite their attempts at a live-action Akira meeting one roadblock after another for more than a decade, Warner Bros. still has hopes of getting it done. Most recently they had their sights set on Justin Lin (Star Trek Beyond) to direct it, but that was last year and nothing has come of it. While Christopher Nolan (*snort* Yeah right) and Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller were sought, the only director who actually was attached for any length of time was Jaume Collet-Serra, who was around through a casting process at least. But now two more names have emerged as the project continues to try and get off the ground.

According to the latest episode of the Meet the Movie Press show, Life director Daniel Espinosa and David Sandberg, who directed the hit horror Lights Out, are on the list of contenders.  That's about all we know. Nothing on if someone has emerged as a frontrunner, or if these are just guys whose names have been mentioned as possibilities. This would be the biggest movie for either of them, though, and that's at least somewhat intriguing.

Of course, the size, scope, and cost of Akira has been the problem all along. Warner Bros. balked at the proposed budget and made huge cuts to the production, and that included aiming for lesser-priced talent and slashing expensive scenes from the story. That was a few years ago when studios were all tightening their belts and maybe things have changed a little bit.