Joe Wright's 'Hanna' Is Becoming A TV Series

If you watched The Night Manager then you were likely as enthralled by David Farr's writing as the rest of us were, but sadly he's unlikely to return for the acclaimed show's second season. That said, at least he's working on something new already, and it's a series based on a movie he co-wrote. Deadline reports Farr is developing a TV series based on Hanna, Joe Wright's 2011 film starring Saoirse Ronan.

Hanna was a departure for Wright at the time, as he had been known for period pieces and dramas before then. The film was basically a coming-of-age/assassin/fairy tale story in which Ronan played the title character, a young girl trained from birth to be a killer. She breaks free to go in search of her father, experiencing the outside world for the first time.

It's unclear how closely the series will follow the movie. There's no showrunner, director, or network vying to pick it up yet, but when those fall into place we should learn more.