Joe Manganiello Sounds Unsure About His Role In 'The Batman'

Any time a movie gets delayed it causes problems, for the studios, the distributors, the director, and of course, the actors. But especially when the film is full of big stars with busy schedules it can be a real nightmare. Problems on The Batman have led to it getting a brand new script from scratch for incoming director Matt Reeves, and it means shooting may not start until next year. And naturally, that's left Joe Manganiello, who has been pegged to play villain Deathstroke, a little unsure about his role.

Speaking with Pittsburgh Today Live to promote his voicework on the new Smurfs movie, Manganiello literally threw his hands in the air when asked about playing Deathstroke in The Batman...

Joe Manganiello on Deathstroke in The Batman... by BatmanNewsCom

So maybe not? Basically he gives an exasperated "We'll see" answer. We've seen Manganiello as Deathstroke in Justice League test footage and concept art, so we're likely to see him there, at least. But as for The Batman? With a brand new script he could be written out entirely or have his part reduced. We just don't know, and it may be a long time until we do.