Jason Momoa And Brad Peyton Have A 'Just Cause' Movie On The Way

Video game movies are still happening, even though Assassin's Creed proved that big stars aren't enough to give us a good one. Just days after Donnie Yen signed on to a big screen version of Sleeping Dogs, the Just Cause video game franchise is being adapted next with Aquaman's Jason Momoa starring.

Momoa will play the open world adventure game's protagonist Rico Rodriguez, an operative for an organization known as the Agency. Rico is a freedom fighter who is dropped into unstable nations where he may cause a coup, lead a rebellion, whatever. The movie's plot is being kept secret for now, but it will deal with Rico's crisis of conscience during a mission.

San Andreas director Brad Peyton will be behind the camera, working off a script by Master & Commander's John Collee. With Peyton busy on another video game adaptation, Rampage, and Momoa doing that whole Justice League and Aquaman thing, this could be a long ways off. [Deadline]