James Mangold Says There May Be A Black And White ‘Logan’ Sooner Or Later

In a few days, Fox’s latest ‘X-Men’ movie Logan will hit theaters.  Logan will be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine as he prepares to hang up his claws for one last ride.  Early buzz for the movie has been overwhelmingly positive.  You can check out Punch Drunk Critics’ review here.  Being that we have been enjoying Jackman since 2000’s X-Men, Logan is expected to make a killing at the box office.  It is estimated to pull in more than $170 million worldwide this weekend.

One of the more effective marketing strategies done for Fox’s third Wolverine outing, Logan was the black and white pictures that were released via social media in the months leading up to the film.  It has helped set the tone for the film as a stylized Western, something that hasn’t been done for the superhero genre. Because of how popular the black and white images have been, director James Mangold was asked via social media if there was any chance that Logan would ever be released in a black and white format.

A few other films have been presented in black and white, Frank Miller’s Sin City, and of course that awesome scene in Kill Bill Vol 1, and more recently George Miller released a “Black and white Chrome Edition” of Mad Max: Fury Road, so there is an appetite for this type of release for the film.  Given the bloody R-rating for this movie, this might be the preferred format we may see if the movie ever shows up on basic cable as a means to tone down the violence.

Logan hits theaters March 3rd.