Jake Gyllenhaal Reunites With 'Life' Director For 'The Anarchists vs ISIS'

Jake Gyllenhaal's latest, the sci-fi film Life, is in theaters this weekend (Khalil's review here), and it pairs him up for the first time with director Daniel Espinosa. They must have formed a good working relationship because already the duo is looking to team up once again, this time on a film telling a true story of the War on Terror.

Deadline reports Gyllenhaal and Espinosa will reunite for The Anarchists vs ISIS, based on a Rolling Stone article by Seth Harp. The story, published just last month, "tells the true story of a ragtag team of American volunteers, socialists and outcasts who are fighting alongside the Kurdish militia known as the YPG to beat ISIS in Syria and establish an anarchist collective amid the rubble of war."

Life was already a big step up for Espinosa, and it sounds like he wants to keep broadening his horizons. That said, he's still kind of a mixed bag as a director (Child 44, anyone?) who is better with genre thrillers. He seems to have found a connection with Gyllenhaal, though, who tends to like sticking with the same directors if possible.