Here's The Version Of Batgirl We'll Get In Joss Whedon's Movie

The news that Joss Whedon will be writing and directing a Batgirl movie as part of the DCEU has sent a shockwave through Hollywood and fans. One of the most beloved and, let's just say it, "geeky" creators in the biz is making the jump from Marvel to DC, where he'll get to do what he does best which is write a kick-ass female hero. And just in case you were worried this version of Barbara Gordon would be stuck in a wheelchair, think again.

According to EW, Whedon's Batgirl will focus on "The New 52" version of Barbara Gordon. She's still the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, but she has recovered from the paralysis caused by the Joker's bullet. Her paralysis had her in a wheelchair for years, working behind the scenes as the Felicity Smoak-esque hacker, Oracle. Since recovering she has retaken the mantle of Batgirl to help clean up Gotham's crime-ridden streets.  The tone is said to be similar to the harder-edged feel of Gail Simone's comic run. If DC is smart they'll hire Simone to do some consultant work on the movie, too.

I'm very curious to see who Whedon casts as Batgirl. Does he go with someone he's familiar with and worked with before? Let us know who you think would be a great fit for the role.