Enter 'The Void' In New Trailer For The Anticipated Throwback Horror

When the horror community starts buzzing about an upcoming film it's usually a good idea to pay attention because they've been on point the last couple of years. Throwback horror The Void has been on the tip of everybody's tongue since it debuted at Fantastic Fest, with comparisons to the '80s horrors of John Carpenter running rampant. Now a new trailer has been released that hopes to prove it has the scares to be worthy of the hype.

From the producers of The Witch and hailing from co-writers/directors Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, the film finds a group of people in a small town stuck in a hospital as mysterious events occur. While you'd think the hospital is a safe place to be, it actually turns out to be the worst. I have to admit to be taken aback by how bloody and gross this footage gets, and hopefully they didn't spoil the best bits.  Here's the official synopsis:

When police officer Carter (Aaron Poole) discovers a blood-soaked man limping down a deserted road, he rushes him to a local hospital with a barebones, night shift staff. As cloaked, cult-like figures surround the building, the patients and staff inside start to turn ravenously insane. Trying to protect the survivors, Carter leads them into the depths of the hospital where they discover a gateway to immense evil.

The Void hits VOD and theaters on April 7th.