Emilia Clarke Is Hearing Things In Trailer For 'Voice From The Stone'

Before we see her as whoever, in the Han Solo movie, Emilia Clarke has a stop to make in Voice from the Stone. It's a gothic thriller with a trailer that starts off looking a lot like Clarke's Me Before You, but instead of falling in love with a paraplegic Sam Claflin, she ends up in a "Hitchcockian fairy tale".

Directed by Eric Howell with Marton Csokas and Edward Dring co-starring, the film is based on Silvio Raffo's novel set in the 1950s. Clarke plays Verena, a caretaker sent to a remote Italian castle to help Jakob, who has not spoken since the death of his mother but swears he can hear her voice in the walls. The thing is, Verena can hear it, too. Speaking with USA Today, Clarke described the house as “mixed in with all of the loneliness she has felt in her life as a nurse who is always moving from one family to another. It seems that happiness is only a family away.”

Voice from the Stone hits theaters and VOD on April 28th.