Drew Goddard Is Directing Super Secret 'Bad Times At El Royal'

Drew Goddard has kept plenty busy since directing The Cabin in the Woods back in 2012. He wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for The Martian, co-wrote World War Z, and he's working on the Deadpool sequel's script right now. But he's also ready to get back behind the camera, and the project he's taken on must be special because 20th Century Fox is keeping it super secret. Like Bad Robot secret.

Goddard will direct Bad Times at El Royal based on his own original screenplay. As I said the details are being kept hidden for now, to the point that Fox higher-ups had to read the script on a tablet then immediately give it back to a courier. Hmmmmm. The film is being described as a “contained thriller with either sci-fi or horror elements", which could be just about anything.

But that title, though...sounds like some Lucha Libre stuff. Hopefully we'll start to find out more soon. Not too much, though. [THR]