Deadpool Tries To Do Some Good In The Sequel's First Teaser

The worst kept secret going into this weekend was the teaser playing ahead of Logan. Look, why bother with spoilers, okay? It was for Deadpool 2. You already knew it, so there ya go. Anyway, once people started paying for the movie it was wasn't long before cheap bootlegs of the teaser started popping up everywhere. We refused to post them, recognizing that Fox would probably just release a version online. And so they have.

This isn't so much a trailer as for a scene featuring Ryan Reynolds, back as Deadpool, as he makes a hilariously flawed attempt to do some good. No point in going into detail on it; you can watch it for yourself. But this is our first taste of how new director David Leitch will be handling the character. So far so good, but the action is where he'll make his money.

Deadpool 2 is coming, but not soon enough for anybody.