David Harbour Eyed For Cable Role In 'Deadpool' Sequel

Man, David Harbour is suddenly a very big deal. The longtime veteran actor has mostly been known for dramatic roles and theatre efforts, but with his key part in Netflix's Stranger Things he's now on everybody's radar. And it looks like he caught the attention of 20th Century Fox because they are seriously considering him for Deadpool 2 in the sought-after role of Cable.

The Wrap reports Fox is not only interested in Harbour for the role, but they've given him a screen test to see if he's the right fit. This wouldn't be Harbour's first time in a comic book movie, either. He had a tiny role in last year's Suicide Squad. The other actor most frequently mentioned as a contender is Kyle Chandler, but apparently there are quite a few names on Fox's list.

If Harbour books it this wouldn't just be a one-time deal. We know that Cable will be in Deadpool 2, and that it will likely lead in to an X-Force franchise that he and Domino will be part of. So whoever lands the part will be sticking around the mutant-verse for a while It may take time for them to sort out Cable's complicated backstory, anyway. He is Nathan Summers, the future son of Scott "Cyclops" Summers and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. After being infected by Mister Sinister as a baby, Nathan was sent into the future where he was "cured", and grew up to become a hardened soldier and sworn enemy of Apocalypse. In the comics he returns to our time, co-opts the New Mutants and turns them into the militaristic team known as X-Force.

Pretty sure none of that will be used for the movie version of Cable. Just sayin'.