Colin Farrell & Yorgos Lanthimos Reteaming For Iran-Contra Scandal Amazon Series

While we've sadly grown accustomed to the political scandal of the day thanks to the current Presidential Administration, these scandals used to be much bigger and all-consuming. They don't get much bigger than the Iran-Contra scandal, either, which had at its center disgraced former U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North. North's story has been told many times since he's still a very public figure and political talking head on Fox News, but doubtful it's been told in the way Yorgos Lanthimos and Colin Farrell will likely tell it.

Lanthimos and Farrell will reunite for an Iran-Contra series for Amazon Studios, with Farrell in the role of North. Details on what it will entail are few at this early stage, but we know the scripts will be written by Enzo Mileti and Scott Wilson. If you don't know what the scandal was all about, basically North facilitated the sale of weapons to Iran, with the profits then funneled to the Contras to aid their rebellion in Nicaragua.  This will be the third pairing of Lanthimos and Farrell after their oddball rom-com, The Lobster, and upcoming psychological thriller The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

The thought of Lanthimos turning his attention to the 1980s and a key period of our political history is fascinating, and I can't wait to see how they transform Farrell into North. It's going to take more than just a salt & pepper wig. [Variety]